GROWLERFEST 2015 EAST  Project Art is partnering with artist Bradley Klem, The Eutectic Gallery, and the Portland Growler Company to bring GrowlerFest 2015 East + West to the east and west coasts for the first time. The project will showcase the ties between the local food movement, craft beer, and ceramic art with exhibitions centering on the beer growler and paired with beer tasting events in Cummington, MA and Portland, OR. All proceeds go to support resident artist programs at Project Art in Cummington, MA.

GrowlerFest 2015 East + West intends to connect a group of international artists to the craft beer movement by offering the surface of a growler as a way to collaborate with one another. The exhibitions bring forward functional and decorative components in order to draw parallels and comparisons in form, style, design and philosophy between local and global ceramic artists, as well as to share the experience of these attributes with the public through social gatherings set around the local food and craft beer movements. The public is invited to experience the handmade quality of ceramic art and craft beer from both coasts as we celebrate the growler as a functional art form. 

The exhibitions on both coasts will feature ceramic growlers created or decorated by 15 artists who have been invited to collaborate on a series of limited­ edition growlers. Exhibiting artists will be Molly Ann Bishop, Jessica Brandl, Chandra Debuse, Carole Epp, Kathy King, Bradley Klem, Lauren Gallaspy, Sergei Isupov, Roberto Lugo, Justin Rothshank, Paul Scott, Vipoo Srivilasa, Mara Superior, Jason Walker, and Kurt Weiser.

GrowlerFest 2015 EXHIBITION
October 3–December 2
Project Art, 54 Main Street, Cummington, MA
Open Monday–Friday by appointment.
Contact Alex at 701.471.9782 |