GILMOR GLASS is the hot glass studio founded in 1977 by John and Jan Gilmor. Located in Millerton, NY, GILMOR GLASS consists of a large gallery and connecting glass studio, where visitors can watch blown and pressed glass production of individual pieces. Stemware, bowls, vases, perfume bottles and ornaments are made by hand, one piece at a time. Every step in the glass-making process, from the melting of the sand and other raw materials, to the design and execution of each piece, is done in the Gilmor's studio. GILMOR GLASS 2 Main Street, Millerton, NY 518.789.8000

Recognized internationally for its artistic accomplishments, the Gilmors' work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Food and Wine, Vogue, Southern Living, Country Living, American Craft and Colonial Homes magazines. John and Jan's first collaborative efforts toured America, London, Paris and Tokyo in the Corning Museum's prestigious "New Glass" exhibition.