Karen Weinberg and Paul Borghard, along with their daughters,are the farmers of 3-Corner Field Farm, raising more than 150 sheep and over 300 lambs. Fresh cheese is made in batches each week. Located in Shushan, NY, in the rolling hills of Washington County, NY, and the Battenkill River Valley, the Farm produces lamb and sheep goods, including sheep's milk cheeses and yogurts, pasture-fed lamb, yarn, sheep and lamb skins and soap.

3-Corner Field Farm produces several cheeses, including: Shusan Snow (pictured), which is similar to camembert; Sheep's Milk Feta, including a feta marinated in olive oil and herbs; Frere Fumant, an American Cheese Society winner; Battenkill Brebis, another American Cheese Society winner; Sheep's Milk Ricotta; and American Cheese Society winner Brebis Blanche.

Sheep photographed in early winter, just as snow begins to fall.

Karen and Paul can be found at farmers markets in the region, including the Greenmarket in New York City. For more information, see their Web site (www.dairysheepfarm.com).