INDIAN LINE FARM | Great Barrington, MA
"Once you start putting energy into land, you become connected. And, I immediately fell in love with being here … fell in love with this place. And, I remember thinking, 'Could we fall in love with another place just like this? Is there another place out there like this?' But, it was almost immediately a connection with this place."

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"Our farm is a reflection of our market. And so, it’s not ‘what I want to grow?’ … it’s more, ‘what do my customers want from me? The way it works here is that our orders come in the day before or the night before. And then, we go out the following morning and pick it, so the morning of the delivery, we’re harvesting. They’re getting it the same day fresh, same day harvested." INTERVIEW


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BLUE HILL FARM | Great Barrington, MA
"I try not to have favorites, but the cows are what I'm really passionate about, for a very specific reason. I tend to be pretty practical, and I can grow the cow's food. I can either grow it as a pasture grass, or I can cut and harvest the hay, store it for the winter, and feed the cows 99% of their diet year-round. I can feed them from what's here, and what grows well here. I mean, grass grows really well in New England. I try not to have favorites, but I'm definitely most passionate about the cows.” INTERVIEW

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”I just found them [the goats] to be the most fascinating and practical animals. I like their curious nature, I like their intelligence. They're not trying to be 'good', in fact it seems sometimes like they're trying to be naughty. They're mischievous, they get into all sorts of trouble, but I kind of like that, and over the years I've learned how to manage that. So, it seems like they're very well-behaved here at the farm, but really I'm the one who's well behaved, they have me well-trained to have everything just-so for them.” INTERVIEW


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EQUINOX FARM | Sheffield, MA
"Farming is constantly drawing you into the future. And, you’re drawn out of yourself as a result of having to think ahead. You have to anticipate. The only way to anticipate is not to be harvesting or on the tractor, but to walk around and let the fields talk to you, and get an idea of what is going on. Each day I make an attempt to walk the fields. My shed is a half mile away, but I do go out quite frequently … just to be there." INTERVIEW


“We're growing all heirlooms because of a commitment to sustainable agriculture. We grow them because it's essential to maintaining thousands of years of genetic selection for taste, flavor, nutrition and for applicability to a non-chemical system of growing. And when you're selling it, you have to be able to communicate what makes this produce different from the others. The cooking is hugely important to the whole program at Moon in the Pond.” INTERVIEW



"Basically, I think all of farming is about taking the tools you have and using them creatively… I like to read the land and see what’s there, rather than coming in with an engineer’s mentality and sculpting it to my desires. So, I grow vegetable in the parts that are less hilly, and I use raised beds because I know that sort of ‘mini-engineering’ makes a big difference to the health of the plants and their survival in some of these rainy seasons." INTERVIEW


LEFT FIELD FARM | Middlefield, MA
”We started out to have a farm, and we started that farm with a garden, and we realized we needed to have a facility to grow plants for ourselves, we needed greenhouses to do that. It got us the opportunity to get out earlier in the season, and do what we love to do, which is plant and grow things, so that blossomed into its own business." INTERVIEW



“Our burger is lean, juicy, delicious and safe enough to eat raw if you want to. It is so easy, so simple, so cheap, I just love to get people hooked on it. It is great to have a product that sells itself, all you need to do is get people to taste it and that's it.” INTERVIEW

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“The community aspect is actually the thing I reflect on probably the most, because I’m so amazed at how, because of what we do for a living, we are so integrated into the community. Because of the farmers markets and the CSA, when I go anywhere, whether it’s to dinner or some sort of public event, we just know so many people.” INTERVIEW



DASHING STAR FARM [Yarns + Wool] | Millerton, NY
”The Romney x Border Leicester or Coopworth fleece sometimes has a crimp to it, and Lynn sells one-ply, two-ply and three-ply yarns. She sells the yarn in skeins by the ounce and is emphatic that the yarn has no knots.” INTERVIEW

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Local Chef Comment: “Peter Platt (Chef/ Owner The Old Inn on the Green): “I have used High Lawn dairy products exclusively for over twenty-five years. The low temperature batch pasteurization preserves the exceptional flavor of the 100% Jersey milk.”



BRATTLE FARM | Pittsfield, MA
“This once small CSA that began with 20 members also features an honors system farm stand and participates in Lenox and Pittsfield farmers’ markets. One discovers here not only forty types of seasonal produce but chickens, turkeys, sheep, pigs, cows, and even award winning merino wool and jars of honey. A few donkeys also roam around the farm.” ARTICLE


FARM GIRL FARM | Great Barrington, MA
"What I enjoy, as far as working with the chefs, is, having gotten to know them and what they're interested in over a series of seasons, and also just working on a small scale, we can talk specifically about "what are you going to use this squash for, and do you want them to be baby, or baby baby, or do you want them to be larger because you want to use them to peel the skins off, and that kind of thing." INTERVIEW


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"I take great pride in delivering to restaurants a shiitake mushroom that’s absolutely perfect and was picked that morning and is still ‘quivering’, so to speak. And, I think that’s the beauty of this kind of farming, that the product is so fresh." INTERVIEW