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THE BISTRO BOX | Great Barrington, MA
”On sunny, beautiful days, most people soak in the whole experience - eat at the picnic tables, take in the views, listen to the music and eat our food at it's best! Some days all the tables fill up & we'll see people sprawled out on their blankets & lawn chairs. On chilly days, we do lots of to-go food and answer the phone when we can to take call-ins. Lots of workers say 'to go' and end up eating here anyway!” INTERVIEW

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CAFE ADAM | Great Barrington
“My cuisine is well-rooted in the classics, with modern details applied to some of the dishes. Some of the dishes are totally original,, and some are riffs on classics. I think that kind of goes along with anything, with art and music, you see chefs and artists and musicians doing the same thing. But, I believe to put a cuisine out that people want to come back for, you have to have some dishes that are classic, foundation dishes … signature dishes.” INTERVIEW


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THE OLD INN ON THE GREEN | New Marlborough, MA
“Our service, and the nature of the food and the way we cook all lend itself to a certain casual elegance that works really well at the Inn. I think it also is in tune with the way this whole country is going. We’ve always been this sort of a place where you don’t have to feel like you’ve got to get dressed up, and yet you come with expectations of a wonderful wine list and excellent, extraordinary food. The cuisine here was described once as food that you can eat every day. And, I think that’s a nice way to look at it.” INTERVIEW

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“When Dan started out, his menu was American, with Northern Italian influences, and it's still that way. But, his connection to local farmers has developed and deepened over time. As Dan's culinary expertise evolved over the years, so has his menu. It is deeply rooted in local soil, imparting fresh flavors unique to the area; his style is sophisticated but simple.” INTERVIEW



BIZALION’S | Great Barrington, MA
"At this Marseilles-infused charcuterie-cafe everything is as good as it gets ..." The New York Times
Bizalion's features delicatessen/epicerie; cheese and charcuterie; and local goods from farmers and artisanal producers in the area. Breakfast and lunch are served, with large community tables and individual tables for seating. It's a very friendly atmosphere and the food is always excellent.”


SIX DEPOT ROASTERY & CAFE | West Stockbridge, MA
”Our passion for coffee has gone back a long ways. Flavio, living in Buenos Aires, used to skip school in middle school and go to the pool halls where they served espresso and men would talk politics and soccer and that was the beginning of his fascination. As for me, when living in Rome and working for the news, coffee was essential to us all, and I fell in love with the culture of espresso bars--zinc counters, clinking cups, baristas in ties, lever-pulled espressos and the jostling and closeness of it all. We both wanted to replicate this.” INTERVIEW



“The eggs are local and are served with roasted potatoes and salad. Scrambled eggs are featured in the breakfast burrito, the biscuit sandwich and the salmon scramble. The Ham & Cheddar Strata is served as a casserole with French bread, egg, cheddar cheese and ham.”

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benGABLEsavories | Chatham, NY
"Incredible sandwiches! They use really good bread, my favorite is the salami with roasted fennel, arugula pesto, parmigiano, and orange aioli. I also love their meatloaf. Ahhh ... what's also really incredible is their quiche. It beckons me!"


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“My family, the region where I come from, and in the ancient civilization of Pompeii, they were all ‘artigiani’. ‘Artigiani’ are people who are gifted. The gift or the genetics or the family descendants do all this art. It can be from anything, from painting, from being a mason, from being a chef, a seamstress, from being a carpenter, or from being anything. You make a living from working with your hands. You know, I do art, but I’m working. And, I don’t have any illusion about being famous. Because, I’m an ‘artigiano’, I make a living from my art that I sell, that I make. Sometimes art isn’t going to make you famous, you’ve just got to live with what you want to be, and realize what you can be. Love comes from a passion. This passion was in me from my genetics or my soul or my dream that I have to finish. And, it’s something that I can’t describe, but I know exactly what I’m doing. INTERVIEW


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There's a real pride of place here - you feel welcome and at home. While the seating is casual, the staff takes great care in making sure customers are happy. Residents from the area seem comfortable talking from table to table, with lots of discussion going on in this friendly local cafe. INTERVIEW

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RED LION INN | Stockbridge, MA
“We’re an Inn that’s over 200 years old that serves innovative American cuisine. That means I’ve got people who come in that expect New England traditions, like pot pie or prime rib or roast turkey, and I’ve also got people who come in that expect line-caught Alaskan king salmon with local sweet pea puree.” INTERVIEW