Signature recommendations through photography and interviews.

BERKSHIRE FOOD + TRAVEL is as much about people as it is about place - it's based on portraits of individuals and the work that they do. Our intent is to profile the unique character of people connected to the landscape in the Berkshire region. We're inspired by Sim van der Ryn, a Dutch architect who states:

"The heart of ecological design is not efficiency or sustainability. It is the embodiment of animating spirit, the soul of the living world, as embodied in each of us waiting to be reborn and expressed in what we design."

The 'animating spirit' is alive and well in this region, and our goal is to lead you to places where you'll find remarkable people who manifest that creative energy.

Caroline Alexander is publisher and contributor. Her background working for PBS and NPR stations led to this site's development as a venue for documentation of a community through its own voice, using media and interviews. With familial ties to New Orleans and Holland, a life of visual experience through painting and photography have informed this commitment to produce an organic, evolving space featuring remarkable people who live in the region.