"At this Marseilles-infused charcuterie-cafe everything is as good as it gets..."
The New York Times, 2008

Jean-Francois and Helen Bizalion own and operate Bizalion's Fine Food in Great Barrington. LOCATION: 684 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
413-644-9988 ( SUMMER HOURS: Open every day 9-5.

Bizalion's features delicatessen/epicerie; cheese and charcuterie; and local goods from farmers and artisanal producers in the area. Breakfast and lunch are served, with large community tables and individual tables for seating. It's a very friendly atmosphere and the food is always excellent.


Tartine: toasted baguette with butter and jam
Two free-range farm-raised eggs from Mayflower Farm (South Egremont),
apple-tree smoked bacon (Vermont), toasted baguette, butter and jam
French traditionals: croissant, pain au chocolat

A selection of sandwiches on baguette or grilled foccacia with cured meat,
cheese, roasted vegetables, smoked salmon, and albacore tuna.
Some Bizalion's originals: butter, brie de Meaux, avocado, tomato,
grainy mustard, or prosciutto, tapenade, mozzarella, tomato, basil.
More traditionals: charcuterie and cheese plates, quiche lorraine, caprese (seasonal).
Bizalion's original salads: the Arlesienne, combining tuna, boiled red skin potatoes,
hard boiled egg, anchovies, red onion, capers, and olive oil.
Or, the arugula, shaved parmegiano, roasted pine nuts with warm chevre and prosciutto.

Wine and beer from France and Italy complement cured meat and cheese,
supplementing juices, sodas, mineral and sparkling water.

Jean-Francois and Helen sell olive oil from their shop, sourcing their oils from small estates in Tuscany, Spain, Sicily, Provence and Catalonia. They offer the oil from kegs on tap, so it's possible to taste the different varieties of olive oil available for purchase.

The salad greens, lamb, duck and cheese are all local. Bizalion's bottles its own vinagrette salad dressing, and it's always interesting to check the freezer and refrigerators for local meats, breads and soups. 

Bizalion's caters for events in the area, and they also offer Cheese Fondue to go, with 3 Alpine cheeses and ingredients, a cast iron pot, burner and fuel.