Chatham, NY, is an old industrial village – set in the Hudson River/Berkshire region – that is making a strong comeback. Our Daily Bread anchors one end of a wonderful commercial street. A walk thru Chatham is a nice way to spend a morning. Chatham (1765) is surrounded by Dutch founded settlements – Kinderhook, Ghent, Schodack, Austerlitz are but a few.

Zvi Cohen is the owner of Our Daily Bread, and he runs the bakery with his sons Yoni and Gavriel. There's a real pride of place here - you feel welcome and at home.  While the seating is casual, the staff takes great care in making sure customers are happy. Residents from the area seem comfortable talking from table to table, with lots of discussion going on in this friendly local cafe.

It's worth taking a moment to survey the selection of fresh baked goods before making a decision – everything is delicious. Our Daily Bread also serves espresso and cappuccino and distributes its own brand of coffee. A colorful refrigerator next to the entrance is full of specialty goods, including local dairy products such as milk and yogurt from Ronnybrook Farm and cheeses from the region. The bakery produces an extensive variety of great breads including three types of baguettes, beautiful artisanal loaves and big bagels.

The bakery in back of the restaurant makes desserts sold at the bakery that are served throughout the region, including Chocolate Pecan Tarts, Cheesecake, Frangipane Pear Tarts, Chocolate Dipped Macaroons, Cookies and Brownies. Pictured below is the Chocolate Raspberry Rugelach.