STAYIN' ALIVE: BERKSHIRE COUNTY WINTER DINING  By Judith Lerner (published 2011 – please check restaurants for updates) [For more articles by Judith Lerner, link here.]

Mill on The Floss, the longtime country French restaurant in New Ashford, has always offered a prix fixe dinner in the off-season. In 2010, they began offering it year-round.

   "This past year was our first full year of it," said Suzanne Champagne Ivy, chef and co-owner with her mother Jane Champagne. "It's good for the locals; it’s a nice thing. We're continuing, one day at a time."

   With entrée prices in the upper $20s to mid $30s range, Mill on the Floss's three-course dinner for $29, any day of the week the restaurant is open, is a good deal. Diners have a choice of their house green salad or the soup du jour, a choice from three or four of their regular entrées such as filet of sole and scallop with lemon and leek sauce, free range chicken breast Provençale, half a roast duckling à l'orange, roast pork tenderloin with braised red cabbage or rack of lamb, all with fresh vegetables and potato on the special menu for the week, and a choice of one of their desserts.

   Chef-owner Luis Zambrano of ViVa, the Spanish restaurant in Glendale, has a four-course meal consisting of hors d'oeuvres, appetizer, entrée and dessert on his winter menu for $25 on Wednesdays and Sundays. And he has other winter specials.

   Davide Manzo, chef-owner of Trattoria Rustica in Pittsfield, will offer a prix fixe menu for the first time this winter.

   "After the New Year, I will start with the fixed rate. I'll try it for $20," he said.

   He will serve a choice of soup or salad, an entrée, pasta and his housemade bread and dessert.

   "The portions will be smaller but that's the way it is. There's no way I can serve the food I do the size portions I do. It'll be a little smaller but some people don't eat that much. I'll see how it goes."



 Chef Chris Ryan and his wife Jasmine, owner of Cork 'n' Hearth in Lee, have decided to feature a $17 midweek winter special this year. Starting next week, every Tuesday through Thursday until mid-April, they will serve what they call old favorites: chicken almondine, chicken parmesan, pork tenderloin with carrots, onions and apples, Cajun salmon, baked stuffed sole or pepper steak, all served with a salad. The selection of four full-size entrees will change every week.

   "It will be the same dish as it is on our regular menu but at discounted price," Jasmine Ryan said.

   While there are dining establishments in the Berkshires which have fairly steady year-round business, for most Berkshire restaurants, from the most elegant to the more humble, summer is king and winter is the quiet season.

   Williamstown's Wild Oats Market general manager Michael Faber said, "We are touching on the less busy time of year. What you're seeing is certainly true for us, as well. This is definitely the slowest time of year for us with less traffic through town."

   So Wild Oats does its best to entice people out of their houses for interesting seasonal food happenings they might not have time for during busier times like summer.

   "We try to tie into the time of year and schedule evenings out just when cabin fever is hitting, when people have more time to participate in educational events," he said and mentioned their upcoming workshop on using hearty grains as well as a March Madness open house party.

   Some places feel they cannot maintain their quality in the off-season so they close, often from November or January through April; Café Lucia and Church Street both in Lenox and Olio and Truc Orient Express both in West Stockbridge close until late spring. And, of course, Bascom Lodge on the top of Mount Greylock is closed until May.

   "The whole Berkshires is more quiet in the wintertime. It changes," Wheatleigh manager Marc Wilhelm acknowledged. "Wheatleigh is like all the other places."

   "The summer crowd wants to go do all the activities available. In the wintertime it is a time just to relax, do nothing, read, maybe ski, then have a little hot chocolate, a little hot cider or champagne and leave the city behind."

   "The Berkshires are great as a destination for a family with the kids or young or mid-age couples that want to relax," Wilhelm commented."

   Wheatleigh does not actively market to local Berkshirites, he said, but "Local people come for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays, graduations. We are not an everyday restaurant. You always go when you want to celebrate something."

   "While you have to pay a little bit more," Wilhelm said, "service charges (the tip) are included in the prices." Lunch at The Library, Wheatleigh's casual option, run $10 or $12 to $25.

   Blantyre also in Lenox, Rouge in West Stockbridge and Elizabeth's in Pittsfield consider themselves special occasion destinations although both Rouge and Elizabeth's offer certain prix-fixe options.

   Before 2005, Blantyre was open only from May through October. Owner and Maître de Maison Ann Fitzpatrick Brown said, "It's been wonderful," staying open year-round.

   "We've always been known in our group as value. [Local] people will treat themselves for special day, an anniversary or a birthday. We come to people's minds for a reunion of friends.

   Maintained as an exclusive, luxury country house hotel, Brown said that, "In the winter, we have Sunday afternoon tea, a very English supper tea with little sandwiches." Sunday tea, $60 per person, is open to the public by reservation. Brown said they had one last Sunday for two people who were seated in front of the fireplace.Blantyre is coat and tie for gentlemen.

   "We make sure all our guests go away extra happy and that they enjoy being in a winter wonderland," Brown exclaimed.

   "Sometimes in the middle of the week," she went on, "people will come to dinner and they will be the only ones. They sit at the long table in the middle of the dining room and it becomes a house again. In fact, sometimes people will call and will ask 'when can we come to dinner when we can be the only ones?'"

   "We're hoping things will improve midweek," she said. "Corporate groups are coming back, people are more optimistic. It seems to be getting better"

   Colleen Taylor, owner of Freight Yard and Taylor's both in North Adams, and Ivy of Mill on the Floss have the same hopeful feelings.

   "I listen to people, what they say at the bar," Taylor said. She expects $100,000,000 to flow into the Berkshires through building projects in the works at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and from the new contracts at General Dynamics.

   "That feeling is making people look forward to what 2011 will bring. The feeling is optimistic. It's not necessarily what you have right now but what you expect to have in the future. I hear people talking about that disposable income type of thing. Our business happens when people are more comfortable. It's all about how people feel about their future. The come out to eat if they feel secure about next week.

   "I agree with that," Ivy said. "We seem to be starting to come out of the economic woe. There's a hopeful feeling; or else, people are sick of it and have decided to kind of splurge," she observed.

   Chris Bonnivier, who is the executive chef of Gala Restaurant at The Orchards Hotel in Williamstown said, "It is very different here during the winter, a different set of people. We have all the families [who come to the Berkshires to ski] that want anything and everything. The food they tend to want to eat is quicker — they just want to feed their family. Money is not an issue, they are here to ski."

   "We still cater to local clientele. We have a really great bar where locals will come wanting to have a place to sit and drink and sit and eat" he explained. "We do a three-course price-fixed menu for $29.95 which includes coffee or tea. We have 50-50 locals to our hotel guests. We also have a very good following with the college [Williams] and also for the locals, inexpensive and rib sticking sports bar food. Filet mignon is our most expensive at $29; the lowest is $9. We give every market as many options as possible out there to try to keep the business alive. We try to hit every piece of the market in the off season," Bonnivier said.

   Price-fixed meals appear on more restaurant menus in winter although some like Mill on the Floss, Dream Away in Becket, Elizabeth's in Pittsfield, The Pillars in New Lebanon, NY and The Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough, find they do well keeping their price-fixed options, most used by local residents, all year-round.

Among those now offering off-season price-fixed menus are Aegean Breeze, allium, Barrington Brewery,Castle Street and Route 7 Grill all in Great Barrington; Alta, Cranwell, Firefly and Frankie's in Lenox; Flavours,Mario's and Trattoria Rustica all in Pittsfield; Gala and Mezze in Williamstown; Knox Trail in Otis; Taylor's in North Adams and ViVa in Glendale.

   Winter quiet is also a time when restaurants can offer more leisurely dining and fun events like the casual weekly "Manger! Boire!" cooking classes cum wine-pairing dinners Chez Nous is hosting in Lee. Or find the time to socialize with their loyal local patrons as co-owner Maggie Merrell does at Rouge in West Stockbridge. Wild Oats Market, which houses a very nice dining area, offers educational workshops and food and wine demonstration evenings to bring their patrons together and into the business.

   Nancy Thomas, who co-owns allium and Mezze with Bo Peabody and is a tireless advocate for local and sustainable Berkshire food culture, creates events and enticing food and drink parties at both restaurants in addition to serving prix-fixe winter meals. "We are always trying to work at energizing people to get out and have fun," she said.

   Early-bird specials show up on a few menus as at Dakota in Pittsfield (year-round) and at the rather newGringo's Fireplace in Adams.

   Some restaurants, including Chez Nous and The Rainbow in Pittsfield, prefer to offer discounts on their entire food menus across the board. Some like Matt Reilly's in Pittsfield, Sloane's Tavern at Cranwell in Lenox and theShaker Mill in West Stockbridge have a buy one get one for some discount policy.

   Single item discounts, no-choice multiple-course meals and similar deals are offered at Freight Yard in North Adams, Fresco's in Pittsfield, Grouse House in Otis, Jae's Spice, Once Upon A Table in Stockbridge, Perigee in South Lee, Richmond Grill in North Adams, Rouge, Shiro in Great Barrington and Pittsfield, Taylor's in North Adams and Water Street in Williamstown.

   Owners' reasons for either discounting or not discounting are interesting. Small as Berkshire County is, many economic micro-climates often fueled by weather micro-climates, are hidden away. Thus, restaurants such as Ye Olde Forge in Lanesborough, close to Jiminy Peak, and Red Sauce in North Adams, find their best season is winter.

   Some restaurants are on the fence or are too new to have made a decision on whether to offer winter discounts or how they might want to do that. These include Bounti-Fares and Gringo's Fireplace both in Adam; and the newDragon Steakhouse, Mazzeo's and Zucchini's all in Pittsfield and Timothy's in Lee.

   Bounty -Fare owner David Nicholas said, "We've entertained the idea of doing a prix-fixe but we have not done that as of yet."

   Some like Shaker Mill are trying a variety of approaches including burger night, pasta buffet night, a night where any entrée becomes a prix fixe-meal and get your second entrée at 30 per cent discount night.

   There are well-located restaurants that are little affected by Berkshire seasonality.

  Dave Rock, owner and chef of Chef's Hat in Williamstown said, "We're pretty steady here. The kids here [from Williams College] keep us going pretty well."

   Dottie's Coffee Lounge in Pittsfield does not do any winter promotion. "Our customers are 80 percent regulars," Jessica Rufo, owner and main barista said last week. "Yesterday we had a lot of skiers in but that's unusual."

   "We do well with the old standbys," Pasquale Arace, owner and chef at Highland in Pittsfield said. "It's worked well for 75 years. It’s a local place. What we do works," he continued. "Maybe it's the consistency and our low pricing and the fact that most of it's all homemade food."

   "I had one gentleman come in last summer and he ordered a hot turkey sandwich. He told me he hadn't had one for 20 years. But he was raised in the area and it tasted the same as he remembered," Arace concluded.

   Hobson's Choice in Williamstown, Olde Heritage House in Lenox and On A Roll in Pittsfield all have their steady customers and do not feel the need to discount their food.

   Restaurants, even the most elegant, operate on a narrow profit margin. All contend they maintain reasonable pricing. Among those that choose not to discount are Arizona Pizza, Bistro Zinc, Fin, Jonathan's, Nudel, Primeand Wheatleigh in Lenox; Bass Water Grill in Cheshire; Boston Seafood in North Adams; Brix, Jimmy's, andSamel's in Pittsfield; Golden Eagle in Clarksburg; Red Lion in Stockbridge; Stone Soup in Adams; Cozy Cornerand The Williams Inn in Williamstown and The Williamsville Inn in West Stockbridge.

   "We have low prices every day," a representative of Gypsy Joynt in Great Barrington asserted.

   Jeannie Matthews, owner and chef of Stone Soup said, laughing, "I don't discount any of my food because I already give everybody the best deal I can all the time. It doesn't get any better than it is — it's already the best it can be."

   Chris Bonnivier of Gala summed up the attitude of many restaurateurs here in the Berkshires when he said, "We continue to do food at reasonable prices, from 'after leaves' to May 1."

   Wild Oats Market general manager Michael Faber said, "We are touching on the less busy time of year. What you're seeing is certainly true for us, as well. This is definitely the slowest time of year for us with less traffic through town."

   So Wild Oats does its best to entice people out of their houses for interesting seasonal food happenings they might not have time for during busier times like summer.

   "We try to tie into the time of year and schedule evenings out just when cabin fever is hitting, when people have more time to participate in educational events," he said.

   Here are the establishments I was able to reach who are offering special winter dining. This list is incomplete. Call your own favorites to find out whether and what they are offering for the winter.

Aegean Breeze

George and Irene Cami owners, George Cami chef, Kalithea Cami baker

327 Stockbridge Road/Route 7, Great Barrington

(413) 528-4001


Three-course fixed-price meal daily; entrée choices change daily; $18.95.



chef Chris Amendola, Nancy Thomas and Bo Peabody owners

44 Railroad Street, Great Barrington

(413) 528-2118

Locally sourced and sustainable specialties

Three-course prix fixe chef's choice menu daily through May; will accommodate diet restrictions; $25. Pizza-Tuesdays; $10 to $13. 10-percent discount daily to Butternut and Catamount ski mountain employees and season and day passholders through ski season.



chef Emeline Gibert, owner/manager Aurelian Telle

(413) 637-0003

34 Church St., Lenox

Three-course prix-fixe meal Sunday through Thursday; soup or salad of the day, selection of main meat, fish or vegetarian, homemade dessert; $25. Five-course themed wine-pairing dinners once a month; $55; call for details and date.




owner Gary Happ

420 Stockbridge Road/Route 7, Great Barrington

(413) 528-8282

One Brewplate Special each Sunday through Friday; roast turkey, roast beef, dinner for two choices, Oaxacan choices, prime rib or fried seafood nights; all with sides, most with salads and bread; $9.95 to $15.



chef Christopher Brooks, owner/Maître de Maison

16 Blantyre Road, Lenox

(413) 637-3556

Sunday afternoon English tea by reservation 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. through the winter season; $60



manager David Nicholas

200 Howland Ave./Route 8, Adams

(413) 743-0193

All-you-can-eat pasta choices Wednesday; $12.95.


Café Adam

chef/owner Adam Zeiminski

325 Stockbridge Road Suite 4/Route 7, Great Barrington

(413) 528-7786

"Smaller entrées at smaller prices" Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday; most entrees $17.


Castle Street Café

chef/owner Michael Ballon

10 Castle Street, Great Barrington

(413) 528-5244

Locally sourced and sustainable specialties

In honor of 2011, three-course locally-sourced fixed-price Winter Warmer Dinner Special Sunday and Monday; steak, shrimp or vegetarian entrée choice, changing appetizer and dessert; $20.11


Chez Nous

chef/owner Franck Tessier, baker/owner Rachel Portnoy

150 Main St./Route 20, Lee

(413) 243-6397


Regular menu; 15-percent discount on all food; Thursday and Sunday in January and February; closed March; Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday in April and May. "Manger! Boire!" casual, themed cooking demonstration class with recipes and wine-pairing dinner by reservation most Thursdays; $30. Five or six elaborate themed wine-pairing dinners between November and May; $60 to $80.


Cork 'n' Hearth

chef/owner Chris Ryan, manager owner Jasmine Ryan

Laurel St./Route 20, Lee

(413) 243-0535

Selection from four full-size "Old Favorites" such as chicken almondine, chicken parmesan, pork tenderloin with carrots, onions and apples, Cajun salmon, baked stuffed sole or pepper steak with a salad Tuesday through Thursday; choices change every week; $17.



chef Carl DeLuce

55 Lee Road/Route 20, Lenox

(413) 637-1364 x0

Three-course prix-fixe dinner nightly in Mansion dining rooms; $38. Three-course prix-fixe spa lunch available to spa users by reservation; $21.46 including tax and gratuity.



1035 South St./Route 7, Pittsfield

(413) 499-7900

Earlybird special menu daily to 5 p.m.; from 12 p.m. Monday through Saturday; from 4 p.m. Sunday; include, salad bar, choice of entrée, dessert and a soft drink or coffee or tea; $14.95.


Dream Away

chef Amy Loveless, owner Daniel Osman

County Road, Becket

(413) 623-8725

On vacation; reopen Valentine's Day

Three-course prix-fixe dinner daily; soup or salad, choice of main course, dessert, coffee or tea; good until Mother's Day; $28.



chef/owners Tom and Elizabeth Ellis

1264 East St., Pittsfield

(413) 448-8244


Prix-fixe dinner for parties of 10 or more; includes 4 or 5 starters, salad, pasta with or without meat; $35.



chef/owner Laura Shack

71 Church St., Lenox

(413) 637-2700

Three-course fixed-price dinner for two with (four choices of) a bottle of wine served every night except Wednesday; four entrée choices, 2 dessert choices, change daily or weekly; $55.South-of-the-Border menu Tuesday; $6 to $15. Burger with all the trimmings Wednesday; $6. Everchanging grilled cheese with tomato soup Thursday; $10.



chef/owner Sabrina Tan

75 North St./entrance on McKay St., Pittsfield

(413) 443-3188


Three-course prix-fixe dinner Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday; $20.



chef/owner Stefane Ferioli, manager/owner Molly Ferioli

80 Main St./Route 7A, Lenox

(413) 637-4455


Three-course fixed price dinner Sunday through Thursday; soup or salad, selection of entrees, house tiramisu or cannoli; $20.


Freight Yard

Sean Taylor and Colleen Taylor Reinhard owners

1 Furnace St./Heritage Park, North Adams

(413) 663-6547

Whole Belly items such as roast beef dinner, chicken or clam strip plates daily; $10.



chef Nate Colfer

483C West Housatonic St./Route 20, Pittsfield

(413) 499-6100

Pizza a specialty

Daily winter lunch specials for $5.95; soup, salad and garlic baguette; surprise wrap-of-the-day. Fried fish and chips Friday: $11.95.



executive chef Chris Bonnivier

222 Adams Road/Route 2, Williamstown

(413) 458-9611 or (800) 225-1517

Locally sourced and sustainable specialties

Three-course price fixed menu including coffee or tea; $29.95.


Gringo's Firehouse

47 Park St./Route 8, Adams

(413) 743-2700


Half-price appetizers daily 4pm to 5:30pm


Grouse House

chef Chris McIntyre, owner Bob Crowle

159 Monterey Road/Route 23, Otis

(413) 269-0115

Two-course dinner includes salad, entrée and bread; Italian night Wednesday; $6.99; homestyle cooking such as pot roast, shepherd's pie, casseroles Thursday; $8.50. Free meal for children 10 and under when parent orders adult meal Saturday. Early-bird special Friday through Sunday 4pm. to 5pm


John Andrews

chef/owner Dan Smith

Route 23, Egremont

(413) 528-3469

Locally sourced and sustainable specialties

Thursday night prix-fixe regional Italian dinner; $30.


Knox Trail

1898 East Otis Road, East Otis

(413) 269-4400

Two-course specials including soup or salad, entrée and sides Monday through Thursday; $8.95; same plus appetizer or a bottle of wine; $25 for two.



owners Soldato family, chef/owner Michael Soldato

458 Routes 20 and 22

New Lebanon, N.Y.

(518) 794-9495


Three-course prix-fixe menu Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday; $20.


Matt Reilly's

750 South Main St./Route 7, Lanesborough

(413) 447-9780

Fish and seafood specialties

Early bird special 4pm to 6pm; buy one dinner with sides and get a second dinner half off.



chef Joji Sumi, Nancy Thomas and Bo Peabody owners

777 Cold Spring Road/Route 7, Williamstown

(413) 458-0123

Locally-sourced and sustainable specialties

Comfort Sunday prix-fixe dinners; two courses $20; 3 courses $25.


Mill on the Floss

chef/owner Suzanne Champagne Ivey, baker/owner Jane Champagne

342 Route 7, New Ashford

(413) 458-9123


Three-course prix-fixe dinner nightly; $29.



manager Jim Lambert, owner Dawn LaRochelle

1575 Pleasant St./Route 102, South Lee

(413) 394-4047

Winter dinners with bread, salad and sides; Wednesday rack of pork ribs, sweet potato fries, coleslaw, cornbread and large draft beer; $15; Thursday king-cut prime rib with potato and asparagus; $19; Berkshire Young Professionals members special: 5 to 6:30 Friday complimentary noshes at the bar. Monday every bottle of wine half price with order of entree; last Monday of March and April those who read a poem by the evening's featured poet receive a free cheese plate. Black Tie and Blue Jeans Saturday Night Supper Club; 4-course prix-fixe dinner 7 to 10 includes free glass of wine and after-dinner drinks, live band and dance floor; dancing 8 to 11; last Saturday of each month through April; $75/guest.



chef/owner Elyse Etling

18 Franklin Street, Lenox

(413) 637-3949

Dim Sum Sundays, 11 to 3, through late spring; assortment changes weekly

Richmond Grille

chef Drew Nicastro

40 Main Street, North Adams

(413) 663-6500

Pasta buffet Saturday night; $13.95.


Rouge Restaurant

chef/owner William Merelle, manager/owner Maggie Merelle

30 Center Street, West Stockbridge

(413) 232-4111

French and tapas

Three-course prix-fixe dinners including choice of soup or salad, entrée, sorbet or gelato; fish and chips Wednesday; barbecued chicken Sunday; $25.


Route 7 Grill

owner Lester Blumenthal

999 South Main Street/Route 7, Great Barrington

(413) 528-3235

Barbecue with local and sustainable sourcing

Three-course prix-fixe Berkshire-sourced dinner Wednesday; includes local salad, Route 7's own dressings, local roast beef, roast chicken or roast pork, local apple crisp or other local chef choice dessert; $30 for adults, $15 for children.


Shaker Mill Tavern

chef Paul Proudy, owner Dominick Luchi

5 Albany Road/Route 102, West Stockbridge

(413) 232-8565

Winter weeknight specials; 10-ounce Black Angus burger Monday: $6; buy one regular entrée get equal or lower-priced entrée 30-percent off Tuesday; all-you-can-eat pasta buffet includes Italian bread, house salad, assorted sauces, meatballs, sausages Wednesday; $12; get free salad and dessert with any entrée Thursday.



105 Stockbridge Road/Route 7, Great Barrington

(413) 528-1898

48 North Street, Pittsfield

(413) 236-8111


Buy any 1 maki (roll) get 1 maki at half price, Mondays and Tuesday, all year 


Sloane's Tavern at Cranwell

Lee Road/Route 20/entrance from Walker Street, Lenox

(413) 637-1364 x855

Off-season buy one entrée get the second entrée for $10 off coupon on Berkshire Eagle Friday dining page and Prime Outlets brochure.



Sean Taylor and Colleen Taylor Reinhard owners

34 Holden Street, North Adams

(413) 664-4500

Three-course fixed-price dinner Tuesday; $16. Half-price sushi Monday.


The Charlemont Inn

chef/manager Charlotte Dewey

Main Street/Route 2, Charlemont

(413) 339-5391

Handmade pizza Monday night; $12. Mexican night Tuesday; $8 and up. Call or visit website for additional winter specials.


The Morgan House

owner Laurie Walter Keenan

33 Main Street, Lee

(413) 243-3661

Three-course fixed-price dinner Sunday, Monday and Thursday; $29.95 for two.


The Old Inn on the Green

chef/owner Peter Platt, manager/owner Meredith Kennard

Hartsville Road/Route 57, New Marlborough

(413) 229-7924

Three-course prix fixe dinner Wednesday Thursday year-round; $30. Midweek overnight package; three-course prix fixe dinner, full breakfast and a room; $99 per person based on double occupancy year round; $30 dinner value in overnight package may be transferred to any other dinner such as the tasting menu. Vegans, gluten-free or diet restrictions accommodated.


The Pillars

chef/owner Brett McKeon, bartender/owner Rebecca Mclaughlin

860 State Road/Route 20, New Lebanon, N.Y.

(518) 794-8007

Daily three-course prix-fixe dinner includes choice of appetizer, entrée, dessert year-round; $20; add soup and salad; $25.


The Rainbow

chef/owner Kevin Kloc

109 First Street, Pittsfield

(413) 499-0099

Winter special 10 percent discount on entrées Sunday. Daily three-course dinners include marinated crudités, garlic bread, choice of soup or house salad, entrée, potato, vegetable, house dessert, coffee or tea year round; $14.95 to $26.95.


Trattoria Rustica

chef/owner Davide Manzo

75 North Street/enter on McKay St., Pittsfield

(413) 499-1192


Prix-fixe dinner including choice of appetizer, housemade bread, pasta, entrée, dessert Wednesday and Thursday; $20.11.



chef/owner Luis Zambrano

14 Glendale Road/Route 183, Glendale

(413) 298-4433


Four-course prix fixe dinner includes hors d'ouvres, appetizer entrée and dessert Wednesday and Sunday; $25. Free glass of house red or white wine with any paella Friday. Ladies' night in the tavern with free passed hors d'ouvres such as small tapas, lobster or mushroom raviolis, samosa or chicken and mango beggars' purses Friday.


Water Street Grill

owners Hannah and Eric Reinhard

123 Water Street/Route 43, Williamstown

(413) 458-2175

Winter weeknight special $10 entrées.


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